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Smart SEO Content provides the perfect solution for your branding and promotional needs. We offer an animated explainer video solution to help with your promotion problem.

According to Forbes, 90% of customers said watching a video helps them make a purchase decision, while according to Animoto’s data, 64%said they would decide to buy after watching the video.

Google data shows that 81% of video viewing sessions attract people’s attention.

Here Are The 4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Explainers Videos:

  1. Animated explainer videos are very effective in promoting your business.
  2. Explainer Videos can help you grab your audience’s attention. This type of video has been shown to increase people’s understanding of the product or service you advertise.
  3. An explainer video has been proven to make people feel at home when watching your video, because it combines animation and video effects that are engaging and not boring.
  4. Most importantly, explainer videos can increase sales conversion rates. Case studies show that it takes the average person less than a minute to decide to buy a certain item. So this type of video is very effective, because it is short and sharp, and it hits the mark directly.


1. Getting to know you

We will call you and send you a questionnaire to learn all the details and understand the ins and outs of your business or ideas.


Whether it is science or art, scriptwriting is the foundation of any great video. With the experience of hundreds of scripts, our in-house scriptwriter will do his magic and turn your ideas into words.


We use the same technology Used By Amazon & Google to Create Amazing, Professional Voiceovers That Sound Like Real Human Voices.

4. The Storyboards

We start working on the designs and create a visual preview of how each scene will look like. Storyboards are a powerful way to present information visually.

5. animation

This our favorite part at Smart SEO Content. This is where all the magic of bringing your story to life happens. This where it all comes together.

6. Delivery

We will deliver the animated video in the format of your choice or the standard delivery format for YouTube, Vimeo and any other platforms.

Pricing & packages

We would love to help you create your animated explainer video for your business. Let us help you promote and get your products noticed by your customers in a fun and engaging way. We also do custom work for lower budgets and more complex video campaigns. Please contact us. 


once-off payment


30sec explainer Video: 70 Words Premium graphics, characters & stunning cartoon backgrounds.

Up to 30 Seconds Running Time
Characters included
Voice Over Recording
Illustrated Background included
Music/Sound Design included
2 Revisions
4 Days Delivery or less


once-off payment


60sec explainer Video: 140 Words Premium graphics, characters & stunning cartoon backgrounds.

Up to 60 Seconds Running Time
Characters included
Voice Over Recording
Illustrated Background included
Music/Sound Design included
Unlimited Revisions
4 Days Delivery or less


once-off payment


90sec explainer Video: 210 Words Premium graphics, characters & stunning cartoon backgrounds

Up to 90 Seconds Running Time
Characters included
Voice Over Recording
Illustrated Background included
Music/Sound Design included
Unlimited Revisions
4 Days Delivery or less

Frequently asked questions

Our explainer videos are designed taking into account the unique identity of your brand, and adapt your message to engage with your target audience at a personal level. 

We provide our customers with the highest level of quality and industrial production standard. Our goal is to deliver the message of your brand through a beautiful, attractive and totally personalized video of the highest quality possible.

Our usual explainer video production cycle requires 3 to 4 weeks for a video of ± 12 minutes, but however long it takes, to also integrate your comments, and changes in the piece. Most of the projects require in 4 to 5 weeks from the beginning to the final delivery of the product.

A fairly reasonable time when you consider the amount of work to be done in each of our videos. Putting together a high quality marketing video, totally personalized, and attractive is not an easy task! About five professionals from different experience areas come together to work on each project. A director, screenwriter, illustrator, animator and voiceover artist, in general.  You may ask: Does it really take that many people to make a single animated video production? Well, the answer is yes! It does! That’s what it takes to set up a fantastic explainer video capable of lifting your brand and set your message apart from the rest!

YES! However, keep in mind that striving for faster delivery of the final product will increase the price of our services, in order to meet the increased production effort required to meet tighter deadlines. That said, the sooner we get started, the sooner we’ll have this awesome video ready for you! Contact us today, and let us start creating the amazing marketing piece your brand needs!

It’s really easy! First, fill out the contact form. This is a great way to give us some information about your needs and start the whole process. Once that’s sorted, we’ll get back to you in the next few minutes and set up a call to talk a little bit about your project – it takes about 30 minutes. The initial call lets us pick your brain on the details you have in mind for your video, such as the expected duration and the style you’re looking for. We also go through our production process with you and discuss some details like pricing and lead time. Once you give us the green light and the deposit is approved, we’ll have the ball rolling! We also send you a creative brief that helps you provide more details about the project and helps us better understand your vision.

We currently accept wire transfers, Debit/credit card payments, and require an upfront payment to begin production. There`s also a quick and easy payment link included on the invoice to make it easier to pay with your debit/credit card.  Once everything’s finished you will have two FREE revisions. That way, you can rest assured you are getting the perfect video you were expecting!

We can hire an affordable professional voiceover artist for you. However; keep in mind that this will increase the price of the service, as voiceover artists have their own charges. The benefit of working with us is that we can also help you record the voiceover with your own voice at a fixed cost per hour. 

That`s awesome! We’re always happy to serve big clients with big projects and large needs, so let’s talk, and make it happen! We can even throw in a percentage discount for you. 🙂

The perfect solution for your branding, and promotion problem. Contact Us

Please fill out the contact form. This is a great way to give us some information about your needs, and start the whole process.